The assembly sequence is very simple: hook-in element, push into position with the shuttering aid, attach slab prop and position vertically.
Ergonomic in all respects
Scaffolding Project
  • Project of the month

    ICC Hotel

  • GRIDFLEX Slab Formwork

    Increase efficiency and safety


    Universally applicable DUO panel formwork

  • PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffold

    Safe and fast assembly

Project of the month

PERI provided 25m high protection screens to the perimeter of the building, incorporating a V-shaped façade detail at the top of the tower

ICC Hotel

GRIDFLEX Grid Slab Formwork

The flexible slab formwork with safe accessible grid elements

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PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffold

Working scaffold for complicated building shapes.

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PERI Australia

Formwork and scaffolding systems, services and plywood from one single source. We are the reliable partner for the whole construction process in all phases of your project. 

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